Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amy Helfan Carpets

In my dream world where I can have everything I want, I would have a new carpet. I currently use carpet squares which, if I had a normal pet would be wonderful. Unfortunately my cat pulls the squares apart, eats the tape used to hold them together, and then uses them as flying carpets to slide around the room.

One of these beautiful carpets from Amy Helfand, seen at this year's ICFF, would fit the bill perfectly and look so nice with my newly upholstered sofa.  Silk and wool carpets are my absolute favorite carpets on earth.  The silk looks and feels amazing and the wool grounds the carpet {you can see the shimmery color of the silk in the blues above}.  Sadly for my living room, these carpets generally cost more than my car did, so it will have to go on my "if I win the lottery list".

I can dream, can't I?


  1. Your cat is so cute!!!! And of course everyone have the right to dream including you and me, I have a huge dream wishlist that I kept in my mind, if not, DIY ;) The carpet is so beautiful!


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