Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Window Display - City Paint

I'm not sure what things are like in other areas of the country, but in New England at least, there is almost no reason to visit Home Cheapo for supplies of any sort.  The local places, with a few exceptions {I'm talking to you Shattuck Ace}, have extremely helpful staff that will find you anything you need.

I also love that City Paint in North Cambridge has a window display. It's color blocked painting supplies which is simple, inexpensive for a small business, and I definitely noticed it.

They used to, and may actually still have, a window with paint trays painted and displayed in a similar fashion.  I didn't notice if it was there or not when I snapped this photo, I was too busy worrying about the giant black clouds and the rain that had started coming down {I had a 10 minute walk to my car still}.


  1. By Home Cheapo do yo mean Home Depot? Because the Depot is the definitely the bane of my existence and I would welcome having so many other options like you seem to have.

  2. I agree with Santa :) What do you mean by Home Cheapo? The last time I was there I was getting light bulbs and I wanted to get out as soon as possible...that place is so dark and dreary!

  3. Yes I mean Home Depot. I tend to rename everything to something I find more appropriate :) I find the quality of things there isn't very good and it makes me tense to try to find things. Luckily there's literally a hardware store or two in each town and tons in the city - Ace or another local type - and lumber stores all around. It's sad this doesn't happen everywhere.

  4. You want 'sitcom material'? I go in looking for a tool to score glass with. (Young) guy looks me in the face, serious as can be, and asks "Do you mean like the thing they use in the cartoons to break into the jewelry stores?" While in this conversation, another customer comes over to the (same) guy and asks for "liquid (fill in the blank/I don't remember) and the kid goes "..Do you mean like what they use to make bullet proof vests?"
    I'm laughing about it now, but seriously, where do they get these people and why can't they train them properly?!


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