Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tweet Stool

I think my favorite part of the furniture fair every year is the ICFF Studio where up and coming designers show their prototypes and are hopefully matched up with a manufacturer {previous years are here: 2011, 2010 and 2009}.  This year, my favorite was this Tweet Stool by Ji-In Kim.  The piece is a small metal stool with a bird silhouette carved into the seat.

The bird silhouette casts a shadow resembling a bird in a cage.  As you sit on the stool to relax, the bird disappears and you "release" the bird from it's cage.

It's nice for outdoors and stacks so it's good for city people with small to no extra storage.  This is such a great piece, I really hope it is produced.


  1. You are right! This is great for those of us who live in the city with limited space. I would love to have a veranda in my next place...dream on!

  2. such a cute little piece of furniture!

  3. As someone who is not able to make ICFF or Kips Bay this year, I totally appreciate you showing us what you've seen. These stools are so sweet and clever.

    1. I aim to please! I promise you'll be begging me to stop showing pictures by the end though. :)

  4. really cute the bird in a cage!!! :)

  5. How perfectly charming! I love it when designs have a touch of whimsy like this. I wouldn't mind getting a couple for our terrace.

    Watch and sleep huh? So that's your secret to getting through Fashion King ;) The female lead sounds depressing. I like my female leads with a side of sass so I don't think I'd have much patience for her. More power to you for finishing. I was updating my master drama list yesterday and there's about 10 dramas that I started and never finished. I don't know what to watch after we're done with K2H this week. We've also been simultaneously watching a Japanese drama called Don Quixote about a yakuza leader and a child welfare worker who switch souls. It's hilarious. I like the J-dramas since the eps. are usually shorter and they end after 10-11 eps. which makes them easier to get through.


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