Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outdoor Living

This spring I have been spending a lot of time outdoors.  I'd love to say I spent it hanging out in a place like this since outdoor dining is the best - at least in the spring before the bugs come out.

Cocoon - Design by Jack Merlo - International Flora Show - 2006 {still looking for this photo's origin}

Instead, the time I've spent outside has mainly been wandering the city and, strangely enough, I have also been chasing turkeys around more than I thought possible.  I was remarking last fall that turkeys in the wild never have their tail feathers up and it's rather disappointing since the tail feathers are the best part.  Now, since it's spring, the feathers are out in full force. Turkey chasing is not the smartest idea {if you've heard about Tom the Turkey you will know, if you haven't, listen to Act Two} they aren't the friendliest of birds, the males are about four feet high and will keep one creepy eye staring at you at all times if you are near them. which is a bit disconcerting to see.

I was late for work trying to get a semi decent picture of this guy {the sun always seems to be in the way of my turkey images}.  The poor turkey isn't having much luck winning over his lady friend but he was putting on a great show.

I think for the rest of the spring and summer I'm going to try to stick to safer outdoor activities like drinking coffee on patios like the one above.


  1. Aww..hey little turkey!! xo Elizabeth

  2. Ha1 Classic. There he is with his feathers in full display and she's like "right, when I am done with breakfast, maybe we can talk."

  3. I didn't know that a male turkey can stand 4 feet high! I remember watching some show on funny videos and there was a female news reporter who was supposed to cover a turkey farm right before thanksgiving well, she freaked out and jumped into the arms of the farmer.

    I've got a lot of hair so I tend to prefer to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same line...I've tried diff brand combos and the result is always...unmanageable limpy hair.

  4. haha.. you running around chasing turkeys.. I have a mental image.

    The outdoor space is just so wow..


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