Thursday, May 3, 2012

Le Petit Bateau Window Display

I love the simplicity of this window display at Le Petit Bateau.  It's only a few paper boats and a few rain jackets but the bright yellow color catches the eye and is sweet up close with the gingham paper "water".

 This large book in the window of another children's store {I don't remember what store but I'll update when I figure it out} is also very simple but also very sweet.  They used the book text for information on their collection, so the space is used to their advantage once you are sucked into the cuteness.

Those hats are seriously cute!


  1. These are so sweet and the first is very simple but effective.

  2. Hey I just came across ur blog n Iove love interior designing myself so evidently read ur post...
    N I thought ' how abt we followed each other? Just let me know if u do so that I can follow u right back.

  3. the window decoration is adorable! the bright yellow just makes it pop

  4. they always have the cutest things!

  5. Love the boats! It's graphically simple but totally cute and eye catching! Big fan of Le Petit Bateau tees.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. I was shopping with my mom the other day and she got a really cute and comfy pair of ballet flats from Puma. Thought you might be interested.,en_US,sc.html

  7. the window on the children's store of the book is beautiful...

  8. I love the first with yellow coat!!!

  9. What a beautiful store! It reminds me of Jacadi Paris when it existed in the City...that store is now long gone.


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