Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jamie Harris Studio

One of the first things I walked by at the ICFF were these hand-blown glass pendant lights from Jamie Harris Studio.  I love the shape and color of these, they remind me of the 60s.

The pendants below are a little more serious, simple and elegant.  I love the double glass shades and the color on the interior shade.  I could also see them looking great in the colors above.


  1. They're all very pretty! I love the shapes of the green and blue lights!

    Those herbs are definitely pot killers. I'm on a powdered medicine now which my doctor has told me is just as potent since he grinds it himself. It def. doesn't taste or smell as bad but it's really grainy so I've been pouring it through a strainer before I drink it. Do you do that with yours? The restricted diet can be such a drag but I was willing to do it since my doctor said it would improve the effectiveness of my meds and it was only for a month. I just hope that "witch doctor" will be able to help you so you can get off your restricted diet. Not having garlic would make me sad since I saute all my veggies with copious amounts of garlic. What do garlic and onions do to you now? All the things I couldn't have were supposedly "poisonous" in one way or another.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. The ones in the first image have a very cool retro vibe to them.

  3. Hi Jeanine, really like the blue one... nice!!


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