Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gap Window Display - Tangerine Tango Summer

I actually had no idea that Gap did anything other than slap some clothes on some mannequins in the window and call it a day. I thought they'd be too busy moving clothes around inside to bother with a window. I was wrong.  They have what look like pantone chips behind the mannequins.

The kid's windows are a lot more involved.  They have paint sticks in pinwheel shapes in front of a picket fence/boardwalk thing.  There are also jelly sandal flowers and shorts hanging.

I think it's nice but a bit busy.  There's too much to see so you almost see nothing.  Perhaps without the jelly sandals it would be a lot more successful.  Even the pinwheels and mannequins by themselves would be great, and simple as the paint chips in the adult window is.


  1. I never pay much mind to Gap windows either. The peeled back Pantone chips is a cool backdrop though. They did go a bit overboard with the kids window. I worked at the Gap during college back in the day when they had table top displays. I used to style those.

    How is your hunt for flats going? And are you still watching Fashion King? A friend of mine told me she had to stop the other day because the plot just got inexplicably crazy.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Nicely designed, simple and very decorative. And idea worth stealing :)


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