Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hermes Window Display - A Day At The Beach

I'm pretty sure that, in Boston at least, Hermes doesn't have noteworthy window displays, they just toss some jewelry or scarves into the window and call it done {I think I know what I'm checking out on my lunch break this week}.  On Madison Avenue however, it's a whole other story.

The windows are simple but get their point across very well.  They are saying, "Go on vacation but don't forget to bring your expensive bag with you to the beach and swim with your $3,000 shoes on!"  In all seriousness though, they are clean, bright, and uncluttered.

I think this is my favorite display, with the wooden splash and the legs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jamie Harris Studio

One of the first things I walked by at the ICFF were these hand-blown glass pendant lights from Jamie Harris Studio.  I love the shape and color of these, they remind me of the 60s.

The pendants below are a little more serious, simple and elegant.  I love the double glass shades and the color on the interior shade.  I could also see them looking great in the colors above.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D'Espresso - Sideways Coffee

Desperate for both a drink {it was hot and, as far as I could tell, no one on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side sells coffee} and a place to wash my hands, I stumbled out of the subway station and into this sideways coffee shop near Grand Central.

via New York Times

There are walls of herringbone wood flooring, a floor and walls of 'books', and pendant lights hung from the wall as if it was the ceiling.  Surprisingly they also fit a teensy bathroom with a impossibly small Cosmic sink for impossibly small bathrooms.

This is the same sink from a MOMA exhibit back in 2009, not from D'Espresso.

The sink measures 7 1/2" x 16 inches {20x40 cm}.  It is just large enough for a stream of water and is perfect for bathrooms that take the term 'water closet' literally.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anthropologie Window Display - Under the Sea

Last week I posted a single image of an Anthropologie window display.  This week I'm back with the whole series of windows.  This time the windows are all about the ocean.

Some barnacles and seaweed.

These seem to be made of tissue paper and coffee filters.  This is also a great treatment for fabric - dip dyed.

A school of fish in a huge swirl.

They seem to be made of that strange styrofoam sheet that comes around electronic equipment, but I couldn't tell for certain since I'm sure they would have disapproved if I walked into the display to take a look.

And the last windows are also filled with seaweed and barnacles of a different sort.

Plastic seaweed.

This is a different view of the part I showed last week.  Coffee filters and paper wrapped cardboard, all with a bit of paint.

Through it all there was a view of the Prudential building {one of the three tall buildings in Boston - here's a view of the second}.  I did manage to keep it out of most of the photos this time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tweet Stool

I think my favorite part of the furniture fair every year is the ICFF Studio where up and coming designers show their prototypes and are hopefully matched up with a manufacturer {previous years are here: 2011, 2010 and 2009}.  This year, my favorite was this Tweet Stool by Ji-In Kim.  The piece is a small metal stool with a bird silhouette carved into the seat.

The bird silhouette casts a shadow resembling a bird in a cage.  As you sit on the stool to relax, the bird disappears and you "release" the bird from it's cage.

It's nice for outdoors and stacks so it's good for city people with small to no extra storage.  This is such a great piece, I really hope it is produced.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sequins & Chambray

I am still recovering from my trip to Manhattan.  I tried to take the train much more than last year but both Javitts and the Kips Bay Showhouse were out of the way and I like to walk a few {or 30} blocks after getting out of the car in the morning.  When I'm there, I really understand why people don't leave their small neighborhoods.

I went down to Chinatown grab some Chrysanthemum tea for my sister since she mentioned she would like some and got stuck in crazy crowds.  I guess people really like cheap knock-offs.  There was also a "parade" of sorts about to happen and as I was getting annoyed that I couldn't move where I wanted to I overheard someone say, "What is this? A standing still parade?"  That kind of made my day and mostly made up for the 7 different trains I had to take to get down there and back to the Upper West Side.

I went to the Garment District first thing and found myself some sequin trim and pink Italian cotton {with a chambray look to it} and plan to make bags for my nieces with it.  I have been determined to find some sequined trim for a while now so I was happy to find it in the first trim shop I visited.

My ultimate goal is to find a trim place that I actually enjoy going to, there really aren't any good ones in Massachusetts so I've been looking around on my travels.  This time I went to Top Trimmings and, while the older people there were very pleasant and were able to help me find what I wanted in the color I wanted, they had a sort of surly younger person there who didn't make the trip as enjoyable as it could have been.  Previously I went to Pacific Trimmings and, due to a communication gap, I wound up bargaining down the zippers I bought to less than half the price they were marked and they cut them to the size I needed.  I'm still not sure how it happened.  It wasn't a bad place but I'm still looking for one I love going to.  Any suggestions would be great!

On the other hand, the fabric store I stopped at is now my new favorite, I could have stayed in there all day!  I stopped at Paron Fabrics and they have a lot of nice fabrics a lot of which are French or Italian made and they had quite a few designer cast-offs or extra fabrics from their lines.  There was nothing super expensive {well, at least not Design Center expensive} but there were a lot out of the price range of the money I had with me.  I'll have to go back with more cash one day since they have some nice wools.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Weekend

It's finally here!  I'm planning on wandering on over to both the ICFF and the Kip's Bay Showhouse over the weekend, and I guarantee you'll see so many photos from these places that you'll beg me to stop.  I think last year my ICFF photos alone kept me going through August.

I love this building with it's gross mottled red tiles {which I think are kind of great}, the gray brick, and the fairly simple but dramatic lintels {the stones above the windows}.  Last time I was in Little Italy I took some photos of the buildings on a couple corners from all streets and angles so my father could identify which building my great grandmother lived in when he was young.  This is it!  Too bad they weren't the buying type, it has great views of the Manhattan Bridge.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anthropologie Window Display - Barnacles

I really like the colors of this Anthropologie window display.  I'll post all the windows at a later date but I wanted to put this particular image up simply for the color combination.

I'm noticing that I'm drawn to blue and red a lot these days.  I wonder why....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up On Sleep

I've been trying to catch up on sleep lately and that leads me to become fascinated with bedrooms.  This time it is this bed.

Bristol Bed

Tufting, antiqued mirror and wood legs brushed with gold.  It's so over the top I love it.

On a related note, I was waylaid picking up food for my mother on Mother's Day by a turkey standing in the middle of the road with his tail feathers all out on display.  Every time I crept a bit closer to him he would stare me down and lift his tail a bit higher.  Sadly, a car came the other way and when it drove by he moved over enough for me to carefully go around, and I hadn't yet found my camera.  It made me so happy though.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Urban Station

I know I sometimes get stir crazy when I'm working on projects on my own at home.  I've noticed a rise in common office spaces where you rent a desk by the day/hour or more.  It's a great thing for people who like being around other when they are working but are tired of sitting in coffee shops where there may or may not be outlets for your laptop.

I found this Urban Station, designed by Total Tool, on Dezeen.  And, while commuting to Buenos Aries wouldn't be possible from here, I would love to have a place like this around.

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

Parts of the office are like a coffee shop, with soft seating and window seating.

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

I would be here.

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

photos by Sergio Esmoris via Dezeen

Has anyone actually worked in one of these communal offices?

Friday, May 11, 2012

These last few weeks have been non-stop for me.  I work full time and then come home and work on other projects nights and weekends, and next weekend is the ICFF.  Everything has been super tiring, but super fun.

Most recently, I've been working with an architect in Marblehead {for anyone who doesn't know the area, it's right on the ocean} so after I'm done working, if it's still light out, I stop at the beach to wander around for a few minutes.  I'm not much of a beach person in the summer but I think it's just right in the spring and fall.

Last weekend it was finally low tide so I wandered on the rocks trying not to squash any shells or barnacles.

Annoyed a cormorant {the bump on the right side of the small rock just at the edge of the ocean} until it jumped in the water.

And tried not to fall on these large stones.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  My sister and I can't seem to agree on what to cook for our mom on Sunday.  My sister keeps picking all this fancy stuff that takes 2 hours to make each thing, if I were in charge it would be a salad or grilled cheese {I'm a hit with kids}.  Being a child of the 80s, I'm pretty convinced that we should make her Peter Pansicles because who doesn't like them??  So, as a compromise, I've decided I'm going to make them small because then they'd be fancy.

Does anyone else know about Peter Pansicles?  I googled them and there's pretty much internet silence on the issue.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gap Window Display - Tangerine Tango Summer

I actually had no idea that Gap did anything other than slap some clothes on some mannequins in the window and call it a day. I thought they'd be too busy moving clothes around inside to bother with a window. I was wrong.  They have what look like pantone chips behind the mannequins.

The kid's windows are a lot more involved.  They have paint sticks in pinwheel shapes in front of a picket fence/boardwalk thing.  There are also jelly sandal flowers and shorts hanging.

I think it's nice but a bit busy.  There's too much to see so you almost see nothing.  Perhaps without the jelly sandals it would be a lot more successful.  Even the pinwheels and mannequins by themselves would be great, and simple as the paint chips in the adult window is.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outdoor Living

This spring I have been spending a lot of time outdoors.  I'd love to say I spent it hanging out in a place like this since outdoor dining is the best - at least in the spring before the bugs come out.

Cocoon - Design by Jack Merlo - International Flora Show - 2006 {still looking for this photo's origin}

Instead, the time I've spent outside has mainly been wandering the city and, strangely enough, I have also been chasing turkeys around more than I thought possible.  I was remarking last fall that turkeys in the wild never have their tail feathers up and it's rather disappointing since the tail feathers are the best part.  Now, since it's spring, the feathers are out in full force. Turkey chasing is not the smartest idea {if you've heard about Tom the Turkey you will know, if you haven't, listen to Act Two} they aren't the friendliest of birds, the males are about four feet high and will keep one creepy eye staring at you at all times if you are near them. which is a bit disconcerting to see.

I was late for work trying to get a semi decent picture of this guy {the sun always seems to be in the way of my turkey images}.  The poor turkey isn't having much luck winning over his lady friend but he was putting on a great show.

I think for the rest of the spring and summer I'm going to try to stick to safer outdoor activities like drinking coffee on patios like the one above.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Out And About In Boston

I love the old buildings around downtown Boston.  It's a place I generally avoided before I had to work there but, since I'm never sure what to do with the whole hour I have for lunch, I started wandering around.  When I go with a coworker I try to restrain myself from photographing everything but days I head out alone I don't hold back.

There are so many great details on the older buildings and I'm always curious what is inside, especially what is on the other side of those crazy gothic stairs.  Fortunately, one of the perks of working as an interior designer is that I am able to go into buildings if I am working on a project that requires it.  I was actually able to go into one of the buildings I had photographed though I'll keep which one under wraps.

At one point this week, the phrase "If the dog-sized rats don't charge at us, I'd love to see the dungeon" came out of my mouth.  The dungeon was a huge cavernous space at least 20 feet high that was actually a sub-basement, and I managed to not see a rat.  I did see the dog-sized traps down there.  These rats are apparently a secret legend around the downtown area and I'm pretty sure they were the reason the Starbucks glass food display mysteriously shattered one night though they deny it.  My undergraduate degrees {yes, two} were in animal science and wildlife and fisheries conservation so critters don't generally bother me, just insects.  I'm still glad I didn't see those rats though.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Le Petit Bateau Window Display

I love the simplicity of this window display at Le Petit Bateau.  It's only a few paper boats and a few rain jackets but the bright yellow color catches the eye and is sweet up close with the gingham paper "water".

 This large book in the window of another children's store {I don't remember what store but I'll update when I figure it out} is also very simple but also very sweet.  They used the book text for information on their collection, so the space is used to their advantage once you are sucked into the cuteness.

Those hats are seriously cute!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Window Display - City Paint

I'm not sure what things are like in other areas of the country, but in New England at least, there is almost no reason to visit Home Cheapo for supplies of any sort.  The local places, with a few exceptions {I'm talking to you Shattuck Ace}, have extremely helpful staff that will find you anything you need.

I also love that City Paint in North Cambridge has a window display. It's color blocked painting supplies which is simple, inexpensive for a small business, and I definitely noticed it.

They used to, and may actually still have, a window with paint trays painted and displayed in a similar fashion.  I didn't notice if it was there or not when I snapped this photo, I was too busy worrying about the giant black clouds and the rain that had started coming down {I had a 10 minute walk to my car still}.
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