Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rugby Meets Fromental

This window is a strange mix of classic American clothing crossed with modern British wallpaper with a southern twist.

I love the wallpaper they have knocked off for this window display, I'm not sure it goes with the moss/hay on the ground and the Nantucket meets the Hamptons vibe the clothing and furniture in the window gives off but I definitely give them credit for putting the tree in there.  I'm thinking the branches attached to the ceiling and hanging down give it a Spanish moss sort of feel.

I have been in love with this Fromental wallpaper for AGES.  I used to go look at it whenever I needed to visit the Webster showroom for work.  It never had a name or a price so it took a while for me to figure out what it was but I do still love it even if I assume that the only way I'm getting some of this wallpaper is to paint it myself.


  1. That is a fun wallpaper. You know, I was at a shopping center this week and I actually did a double take and thought of you and your window posts while walking past Club Monaco.


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