Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Red & White Bedroom

This bedroom from Anthony Barratta {formerly Diamond Barratta Design} makes me smile.From the marshmallow sofa inspired headboard, to the Paul Carruthers prints on either side of the bed, to the brightly colored bedding and monogrammed pillows, nothing about this room is restrained.

via New York Times Style Magazine

So, while my bedrooms are generally more subdued, I can't help but enjoy this one.  Especially that artwork.  It would be fun to do at home with those office store stickers too.


  1. I love the bedspread! I like white bedrooms, so using textiles and artwork like this is really lovely in my opinion!

  2. it looks like one from a cute hotel!

  3. What a cute room in a very bold color! I'm scared to use even a little red. xo Elizabeth

  4. Those high gloss walls are awesome.

  5. you have to be fearless for this bedroom--fantastic use of color!

  6. Wow.. that is bright. I love the graphic patterns and shapes.. not sure if i could sleep in it though


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