Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  It has been such a crazy week and I'll be working through this weekend which is both bad and good.

This guy at the subway station make me so happy to see in the morning.  He always looks so annoyed.

I couldn't figure out how to crop this image {it kept getting teeny when I did it} so the cat's out of the bag that I totally wear sneakers to commute to work.  In my defense, they have purple laces with white polka dots.  My feet get really angry when I wear my cute flats for any serious walking so I've learned my lesson on that one the hard way {many times}.


  1. Bummer you have to work this weekend but being busy is good right :)

    Purple laces and polka dots sound cute. I used to sometimes wear sneakers for my commute as well. I've since been buying well padded flats. Corso Como and Cole Haan offer some comfy and cute styles.

    rolala loves

  2. Hey, who can blame you for avoiding 'angry feet' at all cost? Next time, get the laces in the shot too! :-) Happy weekend!

  3. My commute will require sneakers soon...sooo many fab outfits with sneakers :(

  4. my feet are tired from wearing heels all last week... hope you had a nice weekend!

  5. arh.. I know.. don't you just hate when you have to mess up a perfectly awesome outfit with less.. much less than awesome footwear..

  6. Sneakers are cute! Show us the polka dot laces :)


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