Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Hair Dilemma

I'm long overdue for a haircut {by about 7 months} and my hair is starting to look like it.

I used to go to Whittemore House but my stylist left and I now have no place to go - I could try another person there but I've done that before where I got an appointment at the same salon but a new stylist.  Once with a new person I asked for natural looking highlights but wound up with bright yellow streaks and she just kept telling me how good they looked {I have super dark hair so it was pretty tacky} so I told her I had to go and ran out of the chair with my hair wet before she could take scissors out for the cut I had originally wanted.  I had to call the owner and have her fix that.  Another time I asked for long layers and I wound up with a bob that had long layers underneath {sounds like a mullet but it wasn't actually one thankfully}.  I wore my hair in a ponytail for a whole year before I got up the courage to cut my hair again.

The problem is, I find myself wanting to choose a salon based on the interior of the place.  Is that bad?  It worked the last time but I'm afraid to push my luck.  But what if the place looked like Takamichi Hair does?  Modern and clean with mid-century furniture and great art.

via Vogue

 I'm totally in love with the artwork in the above right image.

via Takamichi Hair

And what if they had half price hair cuts with their junior stylists on Sunday?  I'm still not totally sold on it, but I'm seriously debating going here.


  1. Oh no, sounds like you've had some traumatizing experiences on the salon chair. But if there is no way of tracking down your usual hairdresser, you may have to bite the bullet and take chance...

  2. I used to live in Boston for many years. Have you heard of Kent Newton Salon in the South End? Everyone is great there. I used to be the office manager there before moving to Texas.


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