Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crewcuts Window Display :: April Showers

I find it very interesting to see which window displays are similar each season.  I know they take a while to design and then roll out but I can't help wonder if there is ever some behind the scenes mischief or drama with one store stealing another store's window design concept.  A few years ago, Anthropologie and ABC Carpet & Home both had piles of furniture in their displays, chairs to be specific.  There is another example of this rattling around in my brain but I can't figure out what it is.

The reason I'm rambling about similar window displays is due to this.

This cute and fluffy cartoonish cloud is mighty similar to this Jack Spade window I posted about at the beginning of March. I like both displays, but I think I like the crazy eyebrows on the Jack Spade cloud and the square rain better.  This one is perfect for Crewcuts and little kids and the Jack Spade display is a bit edgier, for the big kids that would shop there.

I'm still waiting for some April showers around these parts, there have been lots of clouds but the rain seems to be getting stuck up in the clouds.  I'll probably regret saying I'm waiting for a good shower when I get stuck outside in a downpour, but until then I'm waiting!


  1. So. freaking. cute!! I love going in that store and I don't even have a child. I do have nieces and a nephew so hopefully that makes it a little less creepy! xoox Elizabeth

  2. This is just too cute! On fashion star this week, the challenge was to create designs for a window display with live models. I never really paid attention to window displays until I started blogging.

  3. Aww so cute. The Crew Clouds are friendlier than the Spade Clouds :-)
    I'm waiting for some showers too- to calm the floating pollen (and my allergies)

  4. these clothes make me want to be a kid again.. Happy weekend!


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