Friday, April 20, 2012

Cosas Minimas

No too long ago, I treated myself to a couple of illustrations from the Cosas Minimas shop by Blanca Gomez on Etsy.  I love these simple and colorful drawings and have had the vespa image as my desktop image for months while I was waiting to purchase it.

clockwise from top left: Vespa Print; In The Neighborhood Print; Parisienne Print; Present Print

Someday I hope that this illustration {below} is available to buy as a print.

I found it on her website as a past project and it doesn't look like it was ever made into more than a card, but it's waiting on my desktop just in case.


  1. These are very sweet. You know, I bet if you asked her or told her about your interest, she would consider making that image into a print...

    1. You know, I didn't even think of that but that is a great idea. I might wait a bit but I probably will.

  2. Her work is delightfully whimsical. I can see why you're a fan. if you really want that print, you should totally convo her on Etsy and ask.

    I would consider LSG beautiful scenery lol and he does help ;) King 2 Hearts is way more intense than I thought it would be complete with a crazy villain but it's exciting enough to keep me awake. Hubby and I usually watch on weekends cause we don't have much patience for TV most weeknights. I was briefly interested in Fashion King only cause they shot part of it in NYC but I don't like anyone in the cast. How are you liking it? The bits you manage to stay up for anyway ;p

    If you can't manage to shoot the window displays at night I would suggest going down on a low angle and shooting up at them. That can help cut the glare as well.

    Thanks for your well wishes. I'm just glad to be better and hope I'll be back for good soon.
    Happy weekend!
    rolala loves

    1. I'm going to have to convo her. I'm not ready yet but I will. :) Thanks for the tips on shooting windows. It will not allow me to shoot in "stealth mode" but it will be worth it to cut the glare out of my images.

      I'll report on the show when I've gotten through more than a half an episode. I like where they are shooting {inside a Tory Burch boutique} and I have a ton of screen shots. I'm considering it more of a "brain candy" series though.

      Can't wait until you're back!!

  3. These are such cute images, I love the couple in front of the Eiffel tower!

  4. i love that french girl having coffee... adorable!

  5. Absolutely adorable, perfect for childrens room :)

  6. Really cute prints.. a great find


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