Friday, March 30, 2012

Where The Blue And The Orange Lines Meet....

....there is a rainbow tunnel of happiness.  Literally.  At least in Boston.

via latka on Flickr

I found this little bit of 70s happiness by accident once and it made my night. {These aren't my pictures.  Sadly I heard the train coming so I had to sprint down the corridor and haven't been to this station since.}

via latka on Flickr

I had a day yesterday that seemed like it was in the running for the longest day ever.  It began when I got stuck underground on the subway after I managed to get on not one, but two, disabled trains.  I was an hour late for work and my brain hurt when I finally got home at night.  I really like where I'm working now but I'm still new enough that I get tense trying to get things done correctly and on time and being late just adds to the stress.

So, I just try to remember when days like this happen that the Red Line is not the cause of all my problems {even if I repeatedly insist otherwise} and that today will be better.


  1. Great idea - adds some lightness and humour :)
    I honestly hate underground and avoid it if I can.

  2. It's so annoying when things go wrong with transport! Love this painted tunnel though...brightens things up.

  3. Being late makes me so anxious - I feel your pain!

  4. I hate being late! And it is never a good feeling especially when you are on your way to work! Hope this week is better!


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