Monday, March 26, 2012

Striped Stairs

Earlier this month, I came across these striped stairs in the Newbury Street Cole Haan store. It's a bit more subtle than the stairs at the London Kate Spade pop-up shop I posted about a while back but I like these stairs for that reason.

I used to have a Cole Haan bag but someone broke into my car {sadly while I was across the street} and stole it. My passenger side car door still sounds like it has tic-tacs inside when it's closed.


  1. These are super cool!! Sorry about your purse and your car :(

    xoxo Elizabeth

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    1. It was all made much easier since I had just had a delicious margarita. :) The drive home in a snow storm with no window at midnight wasn't fun when it was happening, but at least it was funny the next morning.

  2. SO sorry to hear about the car break in! Even though it was years ago, when its a bag you love it's hard to just let it go. These are gorgeous stairs!


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