Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Despite the fact that it was technically still winter until yesterday, I've been in the mood for spring cleaning these last few weeks.  I recently took so many clothes out of my dresser that I'm surprised it's still packed full {it's the dresser equivalent of a clown car}.

Canadian House and Home

Next up is the closet.  Mine is about as wide as one of the shoe bays in this amazing closet above, but I can think about how great it would be to have a whole dressing room.


  1. OH man....would I love a closet that looked like that some day! WOW! I'm in dire need of cleaning out my closet and no time to list items on ebay, but I don't want to take it to a consignment store because you never come out ahead!

  2. My room is such a hot mess right now and I also need to get it together

  3. I also dream of a closet like the one pictured. Spring cleaning has been put on hold for me for now but my closet is calling to be cleaned. I need a bigger one as well. I've been sneaking stuff into one corner of hubby's closet but he's going to notice sooner or later.

    Thanks for your well wishes Jeanine! I was quite a mess last week but I'm actually feeling pretty good right now so I'm living it up while it lasts :) Of course looking at LSG helps too and I'm also listening to his music haha.

    rolala loves


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