Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Since I've been working in a place I generally don't visit, I've been spending my lunch hour exploring {I'm never really sure what to do with a whole hour for lunch other than go for a walk for half of it}. I spotted this empty frame wall in Radius, a fancy French restaurant, and I like how the red really stands out from the warm gray wall.  I also think they should give me these frames when they renovate since it would solve my frame hunting issues.

During my lunch hour yesterday, I went to get milk tea in a place I have been going for probably 6 years. Usually you need a sharp pair of elbows and a well-practiced stink eye before entering since people who frequent this place don't really know what a line is or how to stand in one.  With that said, I definitely don't go for the ambiance.  I go to see the cakes {and because a milk tea is under $2.00}.

Since my photography skills are obviously severely lacking these days I found some images online that won't make you dizzy. They may or may not be from the same place. For now, I'll keep the places' name a secret and if you are brave enough to keep reading you will see why.  If you are easily grossed out, close the browser now.

via Dessertation

via Dessertation

Here is where things get gross...I was waiting for the woman to make my tea and I saw a roach crawling around on the back counter right in plain sight. Now, I know they are ALL over the city.  Even though I know they are around hiding somewhere, I haven't ever seen one crawling around a restaurant with my own eyes. Perhaps I'm over reacting but, cute cakes and cheap tea or not, I don't think I can ever go back.

It's a good thing I generally pack my own lunch...maybe I'll stay in the office today.


  1. Very nice place! I love the first idea! I follow you on GFC, thanks for following me!

  2. Oh man that's awful! I don't blame you for not going back (even if it means paying a little more for milk and tea). Btw, I hope you find your Pinterest password soon (the horror!)

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  4. I love how that red frame pops. And wow, I am jealous of your access to ambiance-free milk tea establishments, roaches or not (I'm generally starved for Asian products at the moment)! Your blog is just lovely - following and looking forward to reading more.



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