Thursday, March 22, 2012

LV Cupcake Window Display?

Back in January, I came across this window display and had NO idea what was going on. Was it a gold and brown paper fan? I couldn't figure out where the cherry fit in to the fan. I can usually figure out what a window display is trying to be but this one had me stumped. {This is the same window that had the tipsy bags last time I visited.}

I just couldn't figure it out so I did some research and found this picture. Much better!

teemus via Flickr

Without looking at the other windows it doesn't really make sense, perhaps they ran out of cupcakes...


  1. LV always has such amazing window displays!!! xoxox Elizabeth

  2. Hm...not really sure but it's probably engaging our sense of indulgence! One is at the waistline the other is at the wallet. AHHH! I can't decide which is worse?

  3. lol maybe it's meant to make us hungry


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