Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jack Spade Window

Monday evening I took a walk down Newbury Street. I haven't done that in a few months and I found all sorts of new shops I had never noticed before like Yuckberry {this is my nickname for Pinkberry, but it's a long story as to why I call it this}.   I knew Yuckberry was on it's way but I had no idea there was a Jack Spade. Funny thing is they put it next to the Kate Spade which consistently has unremarkable windows.

I had another window display scheduled for today, but I just sent out an email to an important person and left out a kind of important word in a sentence and these cartoon clouds are helping to cheer me up a bit. Now I can only cross my fingers and hope the person I emailed is too important to read my email all the way through....or is nice enough to overlook the missing word.

One other disappointing thing today was that I learned that cats will not wear bracelets, even if you tell them it shows off their extra large and cutely crooked thumbs.

Any attempts to attach said bracelet will only result in a glare intended to make a human's head explode.  Don't feel bad for her, she wasn't harmed in this attempt and any harassment she suffers through is in retaliation for breaking anything fragile she finds, regularly emptying my bookshelves, and eating the flowers off my orchid {it only blooms once a year}.  Oh, don't let me forget licking the eyeballs off my toast.


  1. I'm not sure I want to know why you call it Yuckberry but I'm glad I'm not a fro-yo fan in general.
    I hope for your sake the missing word in the email won't be an issue. Sometimes the brain subconsciously fills in missing words.
    Too funny about trying to adorn your cat with a bracelet. My husband thought it would be fun to pierce one of his cat's ears when he was young. He succeeded and let's say his cat and mom were less than thrilled.

  2. Hopefully your important person overlooks the missing word.. And as for your cat, that should give some laughter I think...

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm really hoping that's what happens too. My mind added the extra word when I proof read it so I'm hoping that's what happens when it's read.

  4. Haha your cat cheered me up! Cats won't wear necklaces either, they're so boring ;)


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