Monday, March 19, 2012


I used to work across the street from an Indian restaurant in Somerville.  A while ago they allowed me to make off with one of their Indian Elle Decor magazines {it was the only decent restaurant within a reasonable walking distance so we were there a LOT}.  I now, strangely, work a block away from their other only other location.  Last week I grabbed lunch there and it prompted me to pull out the magazine and look through it again as I do every so often.

Elle Decor India {photography: Tanuj Ahuja}

I really love this screen and the way the light shines through it.  The screen itself is beautiful but if you look at the ground shadows you see spots or hexagons, and if you look at the side shadows they are elongated diamond shapes.


  1. I absolutely agree that pattern mixing often times I got my inspiration from tribal or middle eastern motifs! I cannot WAIT for another season of Mad Men! OMG it is just killing me to find out what is going to happen!

  2. Love the reflection! Beautiful image, xx

  3. I love how light can create different shapes. I love decor mags from different countries too, so fun!

  4. I love this screen too! Very chic!


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