Monday, March 5, 2012

Fire Pits

So they're named after a gun, but these products certainly aren't firearms.  Some of the products by AK-47 do, however, deal with fire.

Mangiafuoco by AK-47

Zen by AK-47

Discolo by AK-47

I like the compact nature of these fire pits and a modern outdoor fire in the spring {when the bugs haven't yet come out} would certainly be welcome.  There's no information on showroom locations, but it would be nice to see one in person some day.


  1. I must have on of these. I just moved into a house with no fireplaces! This could be a fun option! Stop by my blog if you have a moment, I'd love to get your opinion!

  2. they are so cool and perfect for the upcoming spring nights! happy monday!!!

  3. Stylish! So is it wrong that I'm looking at these and wondering if I can do Korean barbecue on them haha ;)
    rolala loves

  4. I'm imagining something like this for warm summer nights, that would be just wonderful :)

  5. Love your blog & start following both on bloglovin & gfc, hope you'll check mine and follow back on both!!! xoxo

  6. These are definitely interesting pieces! I am wondering where you would find this showroom as I'd like to see it in person! So sorry to hear the jewelry you've bought from F21 has oxidized...

    I usually store each piece in its own sandwich bag. And I rotate the jewelry but I will say I don't wear their rings days in a row...because that stuff turns into rosegold in NO time!

  7. I really like some of their other items as well - like the flex line that doubles as seating and fire wood holder.
    Thanks for stopping by today- happy to have found your blog.

  8. I love these! My parents have a fire pit in their garden and it's brilliant for warming the cold air and getting to sit outside a bit longer!

  9. These are definitely interesting fire pits. I like these.


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