Friday, February 10, 2012


On Monday afternoon, after a meeting I had in the middle of nowhere {if the person you are meeting admits it is the middle of nowhere, it really is}, I decided to take a trip to a thrift shop that was sort of close by.  I had heard rumors about this place and wanted to see what was there.

They actually had some good furniture there if you have some skill at restoration.  This Art Deco piece definitely needed some love on it's veneered wood drawers but they all worked and the piece was nicely made.

I really loved this dresser and it could probably be polished and have the two gouges fixed and live for a while like that but would be beautiful refinished.  Probably the biggest problem was that the bottom drawer wouldn't push in.  I didn't check it out closely since I didn't want to sit on the floor and look.  Plus I don't need a dresser so I'll let someone else figure it out.

I have to say that being there was a bit depressing because while there were these nice pieces for sale {at super cheap prices} there were two people eager to buy an old particle board tv cabinet that was probably from Walmart or Target and was wobbly.  Better for me I guess.  At least the good things will stick around...

That bit aside, this was the cleanest thrift shop I've ever been to.  I felt a bit grimy after I left {as usual} but it was still very clean and brightly lit.


  1. Those dressers have some nice details. No one with restoration skills in your family ;p Be glad that not everyone has your eye. I leave thrift stores with a grimy feel too. It just seems inevitable even if they seem clean. Happy weekend Jeanine!

  2. I could probably restore it but I have a small backlog of projects and a small car so I would need to make another trip with a borrowed vehicle. You have a great weekend too!


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