Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I found this old picture taken in the Flower Shop at the 5th Avenue Takashimaya.  I loved the wrought iron railing with the butterflies but I'm pretty sure it is gone since Forever 21 moved in.

I was sitting on the bench like a sad, drowned rat {we had gotten caught in a downpour with no umbrella} and literally lifted my camera from my lap and took the picture without looking and it was my best photo of the day considering.  My favorite part is how the cove lighting glows such a surreal bright yellow.


  1. Cool photo! I really like how the glowing light lends an almost other-worldly feel.

  2. I really miss Takashimaya! I always loved going in there to browse whenever I was in the area. The layout of the space was great and they always had these great items you wouldn't find anywhere else. And I also liked having tea in the Tea Box in the basement. Sigh...

  3. Awww, I never made it to the Tea Box, it looked so nice. I did get to browse for things I couldn't {or wouldn't} afford though.


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