Thursday, February 23, 2012

J. Crew's DIY Window Display

I don't normally pay attention to J. Crew window displays since they are mostly just mannequins and clothing, but it looks like they are getting into the crafty window display game with these paper magazine pinwheels.  There are a million tutorials for this I'm sure, but here's one for you if you're interested.

It kind of looks like they used US magazine or some tabloid pages for it, doesn't it?


  1. I can always count on you to share cool retail displays :) I like the look of these and they're eco-chic too. It does look like they used some tabloid mags. Anything text heavy probably wouldn't be as pretty lol.

    I don't know about having the best jobs but I've had many jobs. Schumacher/Waverly was actually my longest stint anywhere.

  2. This looks great, the colors, the different sizes. A good window display stands out and definitely attracts the eye. Every new thing they come up with always amaze me.

  3. I try to find good displays but I have to say, it's hard around here. My trips to Manhattan usually give me blog posts for quite a while.


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