Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catalog Browsing

I'm not much of a Pottery Barn shopper. They are great for beach houses and traditional things but that's not really me. Nonetheless, they dutifully send me their catalog on a regular basis. A couple of weeks ago I came across this picture.

via Pottery Barn

With all the poking around I do in thrift shops and consignment stores I don't often come across frames I like.  When I do, the carving is often broken at the corners and not something I can fix, so I was excited that I actually liked the grouping of the frames above and the detailed carving on the larger frames especially.  I looked to see how much they were and the price wasn't too terrible for a set of 5 {assuming I waited for a sale}.  Not cheap but it's Pottery Barn and they aren't cheap.  Then I realized that all they are selling are the plain very thin framed silver style which is not why I was drawn to this picture in the first place.

I'm considering this a good thing since I don't have $200 to spend on a set of wall frames right now.  Does anyone else find themselves liking the props in catalogs more than what is actually for sale in catalogs?  I find this happens to me more often than not.


  1. That is a nice gallery wall and the frames are quite pretty. You can probably find the plain very thin framed silver style at your local art supply store. I find art supply stores to be a great resource for inexpensive good looking frames. I'm always looking at the props in catalogs as well but more to scrutinize. I used to be a catalog production manager and part of my job was propping the shots.

    Thanks for the "truffle gut cake" recipe link! Man those slabs looked droolicious!

  2. my favorite is always ikea... talking about it you can get the frames over there and they are really cheap... ha!

  3. I'm with @punctuation mark!
    Ikea gives you a much cheaper option to do an amazing gallery wall.
    Lovely image tho!
    x kat

  4. I have some of IKEA's frames, the ubiquitous plain black square ones that I have my "city pictures" in but I'm looking for something different for my other frames. Maybe they have some other, more fancy ones these days - I haven't been in a while and I do like their prices.

    I'll be near an art supply store next week so I'll have to check that out as well, thanks for the suggestion!!


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