Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Velvet

I know, I know, enough velvet already....but I just can't resist.

via Style by Emily Henderson {photographer: Tery Lyn Fisher}

I have a bunch of meetings this week and one the end of last week so I spent all last week working, working, working.  I wish my chair was this comfortable but instead I have this one.  I love it and it's comfortable but it's not a cushy arm chair, and I still have to redo the red vinyl fabric {that's on my someday list}.


  1. You've probably got velvet on the brain due to the imminent "prison" release of your sofa lol. That chair is beautiful and looks very cozy and comfy. Your red chair looks cool but hard chairs like that can be tough to sit in for a long time.

  2. You are totally right about my velvet obsession. The chair is comfortable for what it is, but I like to put my feet up and/or sit on my legs while I'm working and that chair keeps me sitting properly. The horror!

  3. i love it... it's always so elegant!


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