Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anthropologie Window Display - Inspired by Abstract Impressionism....

....and a whole lot of partially used paint they needed to get rid of....

The most recent Anthropologie windows are full of abstract art.  I like the effort that went into this first window, it reminds me a bit of Michelle Armas's work.  I took this photo last month right after the holidays and the store I usually walk by.

This past weekend I had to make an emergency run to J. Crew to pick something up and found myself in Dedham {I call it Day of the Dedham since the first time I was there I was lost for hours and couldn't get out and the second time I was dropping off a friend and her dog - a giant poodle - tried to eat me.  I think those both qualify as horror movie worthy}.  I was intrigued by the fact that this was an outdoor mall of sorts and it was packed with people out and about on a Friday night with temperatures down in the 20s.  More interesting was that people seemed to be wandering around more than going in the shops but I never did figure it out.  I poked around a bit since I had driven a long way, and I found myself some new windows.  They are simpler than the others and sort of reminiscent of this table display from last fall.

This one must have been fun to paint.

A closeup of the paint cans.  I wish it was more in focus but I was shivering.


  1. i love their window displays!!! they are the best!!!

  2. Anthroplogie does put up some very visually interesting window displays that fall in line well with their retail aesthetic I think. Oh the horror of almost getting eaten by a giant poodle! That's why I find big dogs scary sometimes.

  3. Punctuation Mark - I agree!

    rolala - They do. I don't generally shop there but I like to check out their displays. And I used to be terrified of all dogs including the tiny ones but I thankfully got over that in high school when I worked at an animal hospital. In this poodle's defense, I kind of thought it was funny that a poodle was trying to kill me and he did write me an apology. :)


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