Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tutorial :: Finding An Image Source

I think everyone has images they saved from somewhere that they've either forgotten where it was from or the source wasn't named to begin with.  Personally, I try to post only images that are mine or that I have a source that I can link to but it makes it frustrating when I have images I really want to use but have no source information.

I was so excited to learn how to find the original source of an image so I can use some of those images.  This works on all images that are public on the internet.

Here is how to do it:

First go to google images, then click on the little camera icon on the right of the text box to search by image.

It gives you a choice to upload an image from your computer or to paste an image source {you can get this by right clicking on any public image on the internet and selecting copy image source {this may be different on a mac but it should be similar enough to figure out}.

I uploaded an image from the Crosby Street Hotel that I had saved on my computer.  Once you have done that, Google does it's thing.

You then get a list {this one happened to be 22 pages long} of all the places the image is found online along with Google's best guess for the image source. 

Sometimes it takes a bit of searching though.  The Friends of Mine Cafe I posted about on Monday I originally found on Pinterest.  People were totally clueless about the source of the image or even the location or name of the cafe {they thought it was Paris}.  That one took a bit of poking around since most of the places it was on the internet had the same image, probably from Pinterest, and none of them had credited their source.  Eventually though, I was able to find the source which gave me the name of the cafe and the ability to find images I needed.

I hope this is helpful to everyone.  I used it on a few of my images but it was so frustrating seeing how many images from my little blog are out there and not credited at all {hence my recent attempt at watermarking}.  I have to admit I found out how to do this when I was in a bad mood and I sent out emails to some of the offenders.  

Let me know via email or in the comments if any of this is confusing and I'll do my best to clarify.

Happy Googling!


  1. This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Happy to help! I think this is something more people would love to know about, I'm surprised that it seems like a secret.

  3. This is awesome, I can't tell you how many times I've given up on an image because I couldn't "backtrack" to its original source. Janell

  4. I know we are only a couple of weeks in but, this is one of the best things I've learned all year. I haven't posted a lot of images for the same reason.

  5. I am so Pinning this. LOL! Thank you.

  6. Hi Jeanine, I hope you don't mind me copying this article for my blog. A friend recently sent me a mail to say she found a image of mine while surfing the net. After doing the above i'm shocked to see how many of my designs and images are actually out there without any credit to my name. I've sent out a few emails, but they just get ignored. Not sure what else one can really do.

    Thanks so much for this post. ;0)

  7. Thank you! I've had this saved on my computer for awhile now as I use it all the time to find a source for images. I've also got this linked to my blogging post too today!


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