Friday, January 20, 2012


I was feeling restless recently so I went to a thrift shop I had literally been thinking about stopping at for years {this is a recurring theme with me but I'm making it a point to actually stop these days}.

They had some great things at pretty good prices. What I saw...

This faux bamboo bookcase.  It needs some serious TLC, or maybe just some paint, but it's a nice piece.

There were a lot of chairs.  The yellow cushioned chair with the fluted legs fascinated me.  It also looks like the bookcase above came as part of a set because it's chair friends were here.

This sideboard was a really nice piece.  If I had needed one it would have come home with me, it would make a nice dresser.  The veneer was a bit nicked but it had dovetailed joints and dentil molding and would just need some polishing or painting and some new drawer knobs.  The velvet inside the top drawer was pretty scary but that's easy enough to replace too.

Happy thrifting!


  1. I have absolutely no eye for thriting so I always love seeing what catches the eye of other people who are actually good at it. That yellow chair has some great details! Happy weekend! Thanks for the wishes!

  2. I really love the bamboo looking chairs.

  3. rolala - if you put me in the clothes section of a thrift store I would go into panic mode.

    Kristy - those chairs might have come home with me....


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