Monday, January 30, 2012

Scarves As Artwork

Inexpensive original artwork isn't always easy to find. Personally, I have a hard time finding inexpensive frames that I like {funny thing is, I can easily find tons of expensive frames I love}. Many times, the intricately detailed frames I come across at thrift and consignment stores have large chips in the carvings and aren't worth buying. I have plans to eventually frame my old drawings from design school since I spent many, many hours slaving over them and can't bear to throw them away but that is going slowly while I hunt thrift shops for inexpensive frames in the right sizes.

I also think that framing scarves would be a good, inexpensive way to go. Those Vera scarves pop up now and again and can be pretty inexpensive but unnamed brands of scarves can have amazing designs as well. Brimfield and other antique shows have a bunch of options, I bought a vintage embroidered table scarf a few years ago for a pretty low price and they had handkerchiefs as well.  The best part is, on smaller items, you can find cheap frames at craft shops and IKEA that will frame them quite nicely, and the scarves should take center stage so simple is better.

via Skonka Hem

via Canadian House & Home

via Martha Stewart

A nice piece of vintage fabric could also do the trick but the cost to have this custom framed could get very pricey.

via Elle Decor {photography: Simon Upton}


  1. I love this idea. There are many beautiful scarf patterns out there. I had a gorgeous Gauguin inspired scarf up on the wall 2 apts. ago that I didn't even bother framing cause I was lazy lol. I have framed wrapping paper in the living room now :)

  2. I love the idea of framing wrapping paper, especially the ones that are almost too nice to use for wrapping. I bought some last summer intending to frame it or use it to line a cabinet.


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