Thursday, January 26, 2012

Burberry Window Display

I spotted a jumble of these spiky acrylic objects on the floor in the Burberry window at the beginning of the month.

Except for the center, they kind of look familiar, don't they?  I kind of like these better though, no styrofoam.


  1. These are cool! They look more streamlined without the styrofoam. The way they're arranged here looks a little chaotic but that's probably the intended effect.

    Are you a vegetarian? There is actually a notable vegetarian Korean restaurant in Manhattan called Hangawi. I haven't been yet, hopefully soon. My friends have told me that it's quite a dining experience and the space is beautiful.

  2. You're VERY welcome! I've heard nothing but good things about this place so hopefully you'll enjoy it there. I have some friends who are vegetarians and dining out can sometimes pose a slight challenge for them so I get that it must be nice to not have some free reign when ordering off a menu.


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