Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trend :: Flocking

Last year, I was caught in a showroom in the Boston Design Center petting the wallpaper.  Flocked wallpaper is one of my guilty pleasures, it seems so wrong but it feels - and looks - so nice.  {At some point we should also discuss that amazing Charles Loomis chandelier.}

Bright Group {via jeanine}

Graham and Brown is a great resource for flocked paper.

Graham & Brown - Baroque Wallpaper

Graham & Brown - Ophelia Wallpaper

Recently I've been noticing a lot of flocked lighting and accessories around, especially in the UK.  I'm hoping it's a trend that is around to stay for a while.  My favorite are flocked chandeliers.  Some are more subtle than others, all are bright colors.

Thomas & Vines, flocked chandelier
flickr - click on photo for source

Some are completely flocked except for the bulbs.

via Heal's

via Heal's

This chandelier has a bit more subtle flocking, it's only on the metal structure of the light.

via the French Bedroom Company

For flocked lighting that is a bit more subtle than a chandelier, there are some simple pendants with colorful flocking inside.

A flocked mirror by Thomas & Vines.

via Thomas & Vines


Woodstock Canvas Art by Barbara Hulanicki

A Louis Ghost Chair with flocking in the back & underside.

via Thomas & Vines

No way.....

via Johnny Egg

......and vases.

via Johnny Egg

If you are brave, or like spraying things, you flock your own stuff as this chandelier owner did and you can find supplies for it here.  If anyone actually does this, I would love to see the result.

Happy flocking!

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