Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swing Window Display

I found this swing window display while I was braving the Christmas shopping crowds the other day. My favorite window displays are simple with good details and this one mostly fits the bill.

I love the thick gold rope holding the swings.  I love the simplicity of the swing itself which, from afar, is just a bar with gold caps.

via jeanine

The thing that wasn't as thought out was this little gold shelf holding the bag up.  As an element of the design it is very unobtrusive since it's very thin and almost unnoticeable.  Up close, you can see that the bags had to be held on with fishing wire {see the one on the left leaning precariously forward}.  This could have been avoided if a different, perhaps more structured bag, was displayed or if the shelf was a bit wider.  I think that would have made the display that much better.

via jeanine

I'm loving the large scale orange stripe fabric too.

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