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More Or Less {For Even Less} - Super Natural Edition

Here is another More or Less take-off for you, my first one was back in July . Part of me doesn't want to do this one {and no one is forcing me to really but it's kind of fun} because I love these rooms and I love the philosophy behind it from the girls at Twelve Chairs {you can read that here and their store philosophy here}.  What I'm doing is going against their original intent to find locally sourced items that are produced with the least possible impact on the environment.  I, on the other hand, am linking to much cheaper items that are mass produced in many cases.  I have tried to find as many as possible that are Etsy finds or made in the USA. I have to say that when I suggest things from large retailers I always have a dialogue in my head about the impact {are there pills for this?}.  I have already admitted that I am sort of a closet-hippie a few days ago.  I might as well also admit that the majority of my own furniture is/has been purchased used from junk, antique, and consignment shops.  I have some new pieces, but even then I try to buy things made in the states or as locally as possible, and I will save up and wait for what seems like forever to do this.

In a perfect world everyone would be able to afford the "good stuff" as they have specified and nothing would be produced with harmful chemicals or by taking advantage of people. In Boston and to Boston Home Magazine's audience, spending $15,000 on a room is inexpensive or affordable, but this is not the case for everyone, especially these days.  As with the last one though, if you do use this for inspiration I would say to check Craigslist or thrift shops or your attic or basement for pieces that can be reused.  Shop locally when you can, and look in stores like Room and Board.  They tell you exactly where each furniture piece is made so perhaps you can find something local there.

So, if you are still with me after those long-winded paragraphs, here it is:

More: $40,198.

via Twelve Chairs {photograpy: Keller + Keller}

Less: $14,748.

via Twelve Chairs {photograpy: Keller + Keller}

For the original items and sources see the Boston Home Magazine article.

Even Less: $3,465.

via jeanine

1. Lotus Flower Chandelier, Viva Terra. $649.  I have always wanted this chandelier.  Always.  Some day I will have it but in the meantime I have virtually purchased it here.  Sort of.

2. Vintage Stamp Wall Art Belgian Birds, by Luck & Tape, Etsy. $30.  This Japanese Crane by laferra, Etsy. $50 is also quite nice and some of the money goes to Japanese tsunami relief.

3.  Iittala 10-inch Glass Finlandia Vase, All Modern.  $135.  Much more modern but also a classic so it will never get old.

4. For the best price here, you can use what you have.  Mattresses are best purchased locally so you can try them out and see what is comfortable for you.  If you are in Boston or Massachusetts there are a ton of places selling natural and/or organic mattresses and I'm assuming most other states will have similar shops - the best brand arguably would be Hästens {if you have a small fortune to spend}.  You can also go to Twelve Chairs, as they sell them.  Organic mattresses are expensive but they are totally worth it.  $0 - .

5. Reclaimed Wood Bench, by Anchor Industries on Etsy. $300.  For those who really like the original, there is an online version of the sari bench here Vintage Sari Bench - Sand, Gansett Lane Home.  $695.

6. Chunky Tassel Throw, West Elm. $55.

7. Jute Dot Rug, West Elm.  $179.  A 4x6 like this Hand-Knotted Ram Oriental Wool Rug from Overstock {$234} or this Mahal Ivory Wool Rug also from Overstock {$134} would probably work better here.  I just like the dots so much I would make it work.

8. Blake Lounge Chair with Cushion, Crate & Barrel.  $699.

9. Niche Nightstand, West Elm.  $249.  The obvious super cheap solution here is a Lack hack.  This would cost $8 for the side table from IKEA plus {and I'm guessing here, I haven't counted how many nailheads are needed} $40 for the nailheads.  I have to say, I prefer the look of the single nailheads for the trim but the might be difficult to put on this way.

10. Mix and Match Stacked Lamp Base {medium}, Target. $28. Mix and Match Lamp Shade {medium}, Target. $14.  You can find the original lamp online if you'd like, Chevron Oval Lamp, Jill Rosenwald Studio. $395.

11. Tufted Wingback Bed in Buckwheat Velvet, Skyline Furniture on Amazon.  $609.  Some of the questions and answers for this bed are kind of funny.  Not sure I'd trust an answer from this company.  Alternatively you could use the North Avenue Upholstered Bed with Nailhead Trim, Skyline Furniture on Amazon.  $552.

12. Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set - Amethyst, West Elm.  $99.  I like that these are organic but I have found that the sheets at West Elm and other similar shops are not very high quality - you can see right through the material.  You can stalk the aisles of TJ Maxx or similar shops to find high quality sheets there or try a brand like Hudson Park.  They are more expensive {you can wait for a white sale if you are patient} and not organic but they feel amazing.  I was at the store over the summer shopping for a client and this was one of the best feeling sheet sets I could find {I'm totally not afraid to make a fool of myself by feeling all the sheets, obviously}.

13. Pyramids Matelasse Pearl Coverlet, Dwell Studio. $175.  If you'd prefer organic you can try the Cameron Organic Duvet Cover & Sham from Pottery Barn for $199.

14. Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set - Amethyst, West Elm.  $0 if you get it in the set. 

15 & 16. Peony Flower Throw Pillow Cover, by KainKain on Etsy. $23. Cable Knit Pillow Sham in Wool, by Precious Knits on Etsy.  $69.  If you are up for a splurge I really like this pillow, mostly because it has a secret face on it but also because it has sequins and appeals to my inner tween. Adam & Viktoria Ombre Antiguo Oyster Pillow, Zinc Door {$192}.

I feel like I should offer a prize to anyone who made it this far, I'm not sure why I'm so long-winded this week.  Perhaps next week I'll go back to my standard short posts.

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