Monday, December 19, 2011

Critter Mitts

Last winter, I was working in an office with no heat at my desk.  For anyone who wasn't in New England last winter, it was very, very cold.  To be fair, the office had heat but my desk was in part of the office that was cantilevered over a parking structure and had no insulation {bad architect}.  I'd be willing to bet that the temperature at my desk was in the low 50s on a sunny day.  The portable heaters bought for us blew the fuses so all the computers would go out once they were turned on {even worse were the bathrooms in the hallway, I found the thermometer one day and it said 47 degrees}.  Not fun.

I totally wish I had a pair of these critter mitt warmers back then so my fingers could have had some love, and perhaps been a bit less frozen {I think one day I actually kept my mittens on and typed through the finger part - not exactly efficient}.

Critter Mitt Warmers by Bearded Owls Hoots on Etsy

Had I known about these mittens then I would have worn them every day!  It's a bit late for Christmas, but they would make a super cute present for anyone you know with the same plight as mine.

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