Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anthropologie Displays - For the Holiday

Not too long after I made a wild guess on how they made the hanging starbursts at Anthropologie I saw this post actually explaining it.  I popped into another shop where they happened to have one on a table and they are really made of these.  In my defense, the ones I first saw were hanging above my head.

via Full House

Outside I noticed this window display.  Does anyone else notice this table has cankles {see the leg on the right}???

via jeanine

I kind of liked this display with the white ornaments grouped against the wall.  I'd totally break them all if they were over my bed but in an out of the way place something similar could look great.

via jeanine

I think my favorite part was the cheer sign.  I'm seeing these pop up in many different places like here {I absolutely love that one} and in a few other places.  I think I have a couple drafts of posts with illuminated artwork.

via a butterscotch sundae

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  1. Anthropologie never disappoints. What a great idea for a blog column!


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