Monday, November 28, 2011

Modern Marble & Wood Bathroom

I was looking through the November issue of Living Etc and came across this bathroom that I love.  What specifically caught my eye are the two slabs of marble set in the wall as a backdrop for the tub.  It's simple and really beautiful I think and shows that less is better.

Living Etc November 2011 {photography: Jake Curtis}

It's funny because I go back and forth with bathrooms.  I was recently going through pictures of a bathroom I designed that has 1"x2" glass mosaics tile from floor to ceiling {it was done for another firm so I can't post the pictures and, sadly, they don't have them posted either}.  I absolutely love the look of glass {and marble} mosaic tiles but would hate to have to maintain them myself.  This specific client had someone else do the cleaning so he wasn't worried about all the grout.

I'm also all for the wood floor.  It's higher maintenance than a tile floor in a bathroom but worth it.

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