Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fabric You Can Smoosh Your Face In...

...or is it smush?  That word hasn't yet made it to the dictionary I used.

Anyway, that is the description from Martyn Lawrence Bullard about his new fabric line.  I have to admit I didn't make it to the showroom after his seminar to check it out in person {eventually I will} but in pictures it looks quite nice.

via F. Schumacher

via F. Schumacher

via F. Schumacher

via F. Schumacher

It's a combination of huge prints and smaller plains.   Either of these would be perfect to reupholster my armchair in if only silk was appropriate around children {I have 6 nieces and nephews and need fabrics that I don't have to worry about}.

Alhambra in Taupe/Ivory

Alhambra in Earth/Natural

He also has a new book out that someone sitting near me had and was flipping through. I'm pretty selective about design books but this one looked good from what I could see.  If only design books weren't so expensive...

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