Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hotel Missoni

Today is the day the new Missoni collection comes out for Target. I've seen all the previews and find some of the items interesting but the colors seem a bit off from their normally vibrant palette {there's a LOT of flesh tone in the colors}.  I'm planning on stopping by to check things out in person since there is a pair of shoes that might be calling my name.

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the Hotel Missoni in Edinberg, I the design was by the Matteo Thun, the same person who did this hotel.

via The London Evening Standard

This is my favorite picture, and seriously, if they sold this spread at Target I'd be waiting at the door when it opened.

via Splendora

ホテル ミッソーニ エディンバラ
via Flickr {click photo for  link}

Parallel perfection at Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh - Scotland
via Flickr {click photo for  link}

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