Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't felt much like blogging this week.  Instead I went to a couple new thrift shops I have been meaning to check out for years.

The first one was a 9,000 sf warehouse that I tried to go to a few weeks ago but had no idea actually where it was {I have a dumb phone so I couldn't look it up on the go}.  They had a few mid-century pieces which were kind of cool.

They have a ton of higher quality furniture at low prices considering the quality, they are not a bargain but they were well priced.  It seems like someone cleaned out their mcmansion judging by the size of a lot of the furniture.  This demi-lune chest was probably 42" high. 

They also had a couple of pieces I liked and have my eye on, like the footstool below.  The price goes down in a month and if it's still there when I remember to go back in a month or two, it will be meant to be.

I really like these gold sconces I found at a different thrift shop.  The metal finish would need to be changed but I like that they are slightly boaty {this is an actual term, google it!} and slightly art deco.

I also got business cards from pixelimpress on Etsy.  I have covered my last name only because I'm looking for a full time job while also doing small jobs on my own.  My current employer doesn't care but I'm not sure how future employers might feel about me doing my own thing.  It's also why I'm slightly undercover on this blog.

It's hard to tell but the cards are on a fabric memo of the fabric for my sofa.  I ordered the fabric from Kravet 4 years ago and am on the list to get my sofa redone but the wait time is 8-12 months.  What's another year, right?  The price is about $350 for the reupholstery, new cushion {it has 3 but I want to change it to just one}, tons of tufting and nail head trim.  You really can't beat the price, I spent more on the fabric.

This is the same sofa I have {except it's in really faded blue velvet and has saggy cushions}.

I really can't wait.

In the meantime, I've been working on redoing my cane chairs.  I have them stripped of their upholstery and broken cane.  I just have to sand one of them, add the cane, paint and finish the cushions.  With the hurricane possibly coming, Sunday looks to be a good day to get indoor things done.

{images: #1-5 jeanine, #6 - Details}

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