Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Sign Is The New Black

Earlier this spring, I went on what I thought was going to be a lecture and a tour of the Ames Hotel.  They had apparently rented out all the rooms so there was really no tour {disappointing} but I saw a bit of the common areas.

One thing I was thankfully warned of was the the fact that they have no obvious sign on the building, you have to know where it is or know exactly where on the building the word Ames is carved.  This is becoming increasingly common in Boston - places you have to know exactly where they are to enter - I'm assuming it is common in other places too.

The Exterior.  Now if you go, you can find it.

Ames Hotel, Boston


Checking in...

Rockwell Group via Arch Daily

The lobby.

Ames Lobby

The lobby sculpture with mosaic tiles original to the building.

Stainless Steel Sculpture, Ames Hotel, Boston, USA

The original stairwell. Love the stairwell.

down the rabbit hole

The restaurant.

via Fast Company

via Fast Company

 The guestrooms.  The bathrooms are separated from the guestrooms by a wall of glass.  There is a curtain but it's on the guestroom side, I don't have a photo of this but perhaps on the website you can see.

via Contemporan

via Inferno10

In the guestroom corridor elevator lobbies there is a surprise in the mirror that you might miss if you aren't looking.

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