Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contra Forma

This puzzle rug by Contra Forma is a bit different than your ordinary rug. You can customize it and choose your colors. I love the idea of using it in a kids room and they could even help put it together.

The only thing that concerns me about this rug is the material, it is made of polypropylene but I wish it was felt. I bought a rug of polypropylene a while ago and had it for about a year or two {I got it because it was cheap, it was $60 CDN so maybe $45 USD at that point} it was like having a giant fleece jacket on my floor. I swear it was sucking any piece of lint or cat hair in the whole house to it and it stuck no matter how hard I vacuumed or cleaned it.  I finally had to throw it away because even steam cleaning it didn't make it look clean {so I couldn't even leave it at Goodwill}.

This was about 5 years ago or more so perhaps polypropylene has come a long way since then....I know it's pretty common in rugs.

{photo: jeanine}

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