Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been a bit stressed out lately for a bunch of reasons but last weekend I was signed up for a paper cutting class at the CCAE.  It was a kind of "what the heck" decision I made when a friend of mine was looking for someone to join her.

After some googling I decided this stuff, made with just scissors and paper, is really amazing and I decided I wanted to learn how to make a flower {the course description said we would be making stars but I had high hopes}.

Wycinanki flower image via
 I really love how it's used in restaurant of the State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw.

Images via Lou et Tom

And I laughed hysterically when I got an email from my friend {the "tourist" in the last post} telling me she had decided her flower was very Georgia O'Keefe-ish.  Then I looked at mine.

Whoops, yeah, I'd agree.  I still have a ton of practice to do but it's really fun and there's really not a pattern or super special skill involved, or a right or wrong way to do things, you just need a lot of patience and practice.


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