Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Chairs!

For the last few years I have been going into what used to be my favorite consignment shop to see what they had in the store and I have come out empty handed.  This is the shop where I have, over the years, purchased a lot of my furniture - an amazing velvet sofa and chair, a dresser, a bench, and tons of accessories.  They moved a few years back and haven't had anything worth looking twice at until last week.

I came out with two bentwood chairs to add to my collection {the price was under $15 for the pair}.

If I find one more I will be happy.

I also found a silly looking 60/70s upholstered chair that I kind of love.  I'm thinking it might be a perfect candidate for me to practice upholstering with the fabric I "accidentally" bought from Design Diva Fabrics last week.

You can see part of it in the upper left corner of the photo below.  If it's there, marked down in red super sale marker like the bentwood chairs were, then it was meant to be.  They seem to have preemptively placed it in the sale corner already, like they expect it to end up being marked down like crazy.

{photo: jeanine}

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