Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swing Window Display

I found this swing window display while I was braving the Christmas shopping crowds the other day. My favorite window displays are simple with good details and this one mostly fits the bill.

I love the thick gold rope holding the swings.  I love the simplicity of the swing itself which, from afar, is just a bar with gold caps.

via jeanine

The thing that wasn't as thought out was this little gold shelf holding the bag up.  As an element of the design it is very unobtrusive since it's very thin and almost unnoticeable.  Up close, you can see that the bags had to be held on with fishing wire {see the one on the left leaning precariously forward}.  This could have been avoided if a different, perhaps more structured bag, was displayed or if the shelf was a bit wider.  I think that would have made the display that much better.

via jeanine

I'm loving the large scale orange stripe fabric too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trend :: Flocking

Last year, I was caught in a showroom in the Boston Design Center petting the wallpaper.  Flocked wallpaper is one of my guilty pleasures, it seems so wrong but it feels - and looks - so nice.  {At some point we should also discuss that amazing Charles Loomis chandelier.}

Bright Group {via jeanine}

Graham and Brown is a great resource for flocked paper.

Graham & Brown - Baroque Wallpaper

Graham & Brown - Ophelia Wallpaper

Recently I've been noticing a lot of flocked lighting and accessories around, especially in the UK.  I'm hoping it's a trend that is around to stay for a while.  My favorite are flocked chandeliers.  Some are more subtle than others, all are bright colors.

Thomas & Vines, flocked chandelier
flickr - click on photo for source

Some are completely flocked except for the bulbs.

via Heal's

via Heal's

This chandelier has a bit more subtle flocking, it's only on the metal structure of the light.

via the French Bedroom Company

For flocked lighting that is a bit more subtle than a chandelier, there are some simple pendants with colorful flocking inside.

A flocked mirror by Thomas & Vines.

via Thomas & Vines


Woodstock Canvas Art by Barbara Hulanicki

A Louis Ghost Chair with flocking in the back & underside.

via Thomas & Vines

No way.....

via Johnny Egg

......and vases.

via Johnny Egg

If you are brave, or like spraying things, you flock your own stuff as this chandelier owner did and you can find supplies for it here.  If anyone actually does this, I would love to see the result.

Happy flocking!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Red & White Bedroom

Happy Hannukah to everyone celebrating!

I thought this bedroom would be perfect to post right before Christmas. I love how simple it is, and am in love with the Pierre Frey wallpaper and the serene feeling of the room.

House & Home {photographer: Michael Graydon}

It's nice to be ready for Christmas early.  I can just enjoy things {or help people who are freaking out finish up}.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craft Lab

It's almost the weekend!  Craft Lab opened in Somerville last spring {a part of Somerville I like to refer to as a no-man's land or a coffee desert, depending on my mood}, but I haven't done more than peek in the window since it's open only on the weekends.  

I really liked the simplicity of their window display fixtures, just wooden boards and some cinder blocks.  It lets the merchandise be the star of the window.  It's pretty appropriate for a shop where the emphasis is on the construction of the jewelry - most of the construction is done in the workshop.

Someday I might get there but in the meantime, I'm trying to get Michele to get the inside scoop.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Washington School House Hotel, Park City, Utah

At some point, perhaps over the summer, I thought I'd post a new hotel every Tuesday.  Lately I haven't been that excited about the hotels I've been seeing.  Then I saw the Washington School House Hotel in Park City, Utah.  My favorite part is the exterior, I when old buildings are put to new uses.

It's simple and because of that quite nice.  Much of the furniture is antique and French or European - seeing that velvet sofa makes me miss mine {only 5-7 more weeks!}.

Love the burled walnut chest...

{photos: The Washington School House Hotel}

Monday, December 19, 2011

Critter Mitts

Last winter, I was working in an office with no heat at my desk.  For anyone who wasn't in New England last winter, it was very, very cold.  To be fair, the office had heat but my desk was in part of the office that was cantilevered over a parking structure and had no insulation {bad architect}.  I'd be willing to bet that the temperature at my desk was in the low 50s on a sunny day.  The portable heaters bought for us blew the fuses so all the computers would go out once they were turned on {even worse were the bathrooms in the hallway, I found the thermometer one day and it said 47 degrees}.  Not fun.

I totally wish I had a pair of these critter mitt warmers back then so my fingers could have had some love, and perhaps been a bit less frozen {I think one day I actually kept my mittens on and typed through the finger part - not exactly efficient}.

Critter Mitt Warmers by Bearded Owls Hoots on Etsy

Had I known about these mittens then I would have worn them every day!  It's a bit late for Christmas, but they would make a super cute present for anyone you know with the same plight as mine.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Camila Prada Tableware

I'm not sure what got into me, but at the end of November I started entering giveaways like it was my job.  Surprisingly I WON!!!!!!  I'm super excited since one of these amazing egg cups from Camila Prada arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago. 

I wanted to post earlier but I was thinking I would take my own pictures.  That didn't work out as well as I thought it would, my own pictures didn't do these little guys justice.  How something handmade is this perfect, I will never know.  They are amazingly made with double walled sides and a little removable vent hole in the top.

I selected the Pretty Egghead, and there are some still available.

 I also love this Happy Egghead, it wasn't in the list of styles I could select but this would have been my first choice I think.

What I am totally obsessed with though, are these sugar shakers.  Especially the spotty one.

I think it's a bit late to have it delivered in time for Christmas outside the UK, but it's totally worth the wait if you give it to someone a bit late.

Thank you Camila and Joanna for this giveaway.  I'm thinking in the spring I might need to find a companion for this little guy.

{all images: Camila Prada}

Friday, December 16, 2011

More Or Less {For Even Less} - Super Natural Edition

Here is another More or Less take-off for you, my first one was back in July . Part of me doesn't want to do this one {and no one is forcing me to really but it's kind of fun} because I love these rooms and I love the philosophy behind it from the girls at Twelve Chairs {you can read that here and their store philosophy here}.  What I'm doing is going against their original intent to find locally sourced items that are produced with the least possible impact on the environment.  I, on the other hand, am linking to much cheaper items that are mass produced in many cases.  I have tried to find as many as possible that are Etsy finds or made in the USA. I have to say that when I suggest things from large retailers I always have a dialogue in my head about the impact {are there pills for this?}.  I have already admitted that I am sort of a closet-hippie a few days ago.  I might as well also admit that the majority of my own furniture is/has been purchased used from junk, antique, and consignment shops.  I have some new pieces, but even then I try to buy things made in the states or as locally as possible, and I will save up and wait for what seems like forever to do this.

In a perfect world everyone would be able to afford the "good stuff" as they have specified and nothing would be produced with harmful chemicals or by taking advantage of people. In Boston and to Boston Home Magazine's audience, spending $15,000 on a room is inexpensive or affordable, but this is not the case for everyone, especially these days.  As with the last one though, if you do use this for inspiration I would say to check Craigslist or thrift shops or your attic or basement for pieces that can be reused.  Shop locally when you can, and look in stores like Room and Board.  They tell you exactly where each furniture piece is made so perhaps you can find something local there.

So, if you are still with me after those long-winded paragraphs, here it is:

More: $40,198.

via Twelve Chairs {photograpy: Keller + Keller}

Less: $14,748.

via Twelve Chairs {photograpy: Keller + Keller}

For the original items and sources see the Boston Home Magazine article.

Even Less: $3,465.

via jeanine

1. Lotus Flower Chandelier, Viva Terra. $649.  I have always wanted this chandelier.  Always.  Some day I will have it but in the meantime I have virtually purchased it here.  Sort of.

2. Vintage Stamp Wall Art Belgian Birds, by Luck & Tape, Etsy. $30.  This Japanese Crane by laferra, Etsy. $50 is also quite nice and some of the money goes to Japanese tsunami relief.

3.  Iittala 10-inch Glass Finlandia Vase, All Modern.  $135.  Much more modern but also a classic so it will never get old.

4. For the best price here, you can use what you have.  Mattresses are best purchased locally so you can try them out and see what is comfortable for you.  If you are in Boston or Massachusetts there are a ton of places selling natural and/or organic mattresses and I'm assuming most other states will have similar shops - the best brand arguably would be Hästens {if you have a small fortune to spend}.  You can also go to Twelve Chairs, as they sell them.  Organic mattresses are expensive but they are totally worth it.  $0 - .

5. Reclaimed Wood Bench, by Anchor Industries on Etsy. $300.  For those who really like the original, there is an online version of the sari bench here Vintage Sari Bench - Sand, Gansett Lane Home.  $695.

6. Chunky Tassel Throw, West Elm. $55.

7. Jute Dot Rug, West Elm.  $179.  A 4x6 like this Hand-Knotted Ram Oriental Wool Rug from Overstock {$234} or this Mahal Ivory Wool Rug also from Overstock {$134} would probably work better here.  I just like the dots so much I would make it work.

8. Blake Lounge Chair with Cushion, Crate & Barrel.  $699.

9. Niche Nightstand, West Elm.  $249.  The obvious super cheap solution here is a Lack hack.  This would cost $8 for the side table from IKEA plus {and I'm guessing here, I haven't counted how many nailheads are needed} $40 for the nailheads.  I have to say, I prefer the look of the single nailheads for the trim but the might be difficult to put on this way.

10. Mix and Match Stacked Lamp Base {medium}, Target. $28. Mix and Match Lamp Shade {medium}, Target. $14.  You can find the original lamp online if you'd like, Chevron Oval Lamp, Jill Rosenwald Studio. $395.

11. Tufted Wingback Bed in Buckwheat Velvet, Skyline Furniture on Amazon.  $609.  Some of the questions and answers for this bed are kind of funny.  Not sure I'd trust an answer from this company.  Alternatively you could use the North Avenue Upholstered Bed with Nailhead Trim, Skyline Furniture on Amazon.  $552.

12. Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set - Amethyst, West Elm.  $99.  I like that these are organic but I have found that the sheets at West Elm and other similar shops are not very high quality - you can see right through the material.  You can stalk the aisles of TJ Maxx or similar shops to find high quality sheets there or try a brand like Hudson Park.  They are more expensive {you can wait for a white sale if you are patient} and not organic but they feel amazing.  I was at the store over the summer shopping for a client and this was one of the best feeling sheet sets I could find {I'm totally not afraid to make a fool of myself by feeling all the sheets, obviously}.

13. Pyramids Matelasse Pearl Coverlet, Dwell Studio. $175.  If you'd prefer organic you can try the Cameron Organic Duvet Cover & Sham from Pottery Barn for $199.

14. Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set - Amethyst, West Elm.  $0 if you get it in the set. 

15 & 16. Peony Flower Throw Pillow Cover, by KainKain on Etsy. $23. Cable Knit Pillow Sham in Wool, by Precious Knits on Etsy.  $69.  If you are up for a splurge I really like this pillow, mostly because it has a secret face on it but also because it has sequins and appeals to my inner tween. Adam & Viktoria Ombre Antiguo Oyster Pillow, Zinc Door {$192}.

I feel like I should offer a prize to anyone who made it this far, I'm not sure why I'm so long-winded this week.  Perhaps next week I'll go back to my standard short posts.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anthropologie Displays - For the Holiday

Not too long after I made a wild guess on how they made the hanging starbursts at Anthropologie I saw this post actually explaining it.  I popped into another shop where they happened to have one on a table and they are really made of these.  In my defense, the ones I first saw were hanging above my head.

via Full House

Outside I noticed this window display.  Does anyone else notice this table has cankles {see the leg on the right}???

via jeanine

I kind of liked this display with the white ornaments grouped against the wall.  I'd totally break them all if they were over my bed but in an out of the way place something similar could look great.

via jeanine

I think my favorite part was the cheer sign.  I'm seeing these pop up in many different places like here {I absolutely love that one} and in a few other places.  I think I have a couple drafts of posts with illuminated artwork.

via a butterscotch sundae

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sofa Reupholstery

I finally dropped my sofa off for reupholstery.  It is exactly the same as the one in the photo below, but in a blue velvet.  Since there are so many options for upholstery it can be a pretty big deal.  I thought I'd discuss the steps, my choices, and some resources for those looking for information.

via NY Mag {photographer: Annie Schlechter}

For the last few years my poor sofa has looked sooooo sad and dingy and things like this have happened {bad kitty}.

via jeanine

I purchased it about 10 years ago from a local consignment shop for about $250, steam cleaned the cushions {which were in good shape except that one side was about 5 shades of blue lighter than the other} and used it happily ever since.  It's super long and super comfortable but the last 10 years haven't been kind to the sofa, especially the cushions.

One of the changes I'm going to be making is converting the 3 cushions to a single one.  I think the look is a lot cleaner {see my sketch below} and then, when there are a bunch of people on the sofa at once, no one is sitting on a cushion seam.

via jeanine

About 4 years ago, I purchased this chocolate brown cotton velvet from Kravet intending to reupholster it soon, but that didn't happen. The fabric took up residence under a bed and then moved to the closet.  It will be really nice to have that closet space back since I have added two more fabric rolls to the party. 

via jeanine

I was considering painting the wood with a glossy white no-VOC paint.  I have the right paint for this from Mythic, but I decided to just touch up the wood.  I was having some serious reservations about whether I would like the white long-term and sanding and painting the carved wood would take forever.  I'm taking the chance the wood color will look okay when it's done.  If not I might carefully stain it to look more like this.

via Room & Board - scanned from an old catalog

Another change I will be making is to use nailhead trim instead of a double welt.  I ordered some nailhead trim styles to see which I like better, the brass daisy or nickel plated.  I decided on the nickel plated.

photoshopped from images via Beacon Fabric

Here's where I admit I'm a big hippie at heart.  I purchased natural latex 'foam' for the cushion since regular foam has some nasty chemicals in it that I'd like to avoid if possible.  Natural latex is pretty pricey {the piece I purchased cost me more than 14 yards of fabric did}.  I priced out having the seat cushion made at the local natural fabric/furniture store but they wanted to charge $1,000 for the cushion alone and use twice as much fabric as I estimated necessary.  They also seemed very strange about the whole process, like they had a big secret that made them extra special and that no one else could do what they were doing.  I didn't tell them I'm an interior designer and, hopefully, know more than the average person walking in.  I kind of like going places in 'stealth mode' to see how they are, and it was disheartening to see they treat people this way.  I think I'm not the only one who doesn't want to work with them since their office chairs were all broken.  I had to perch on one that was leaning dangerously to one side while I spoke with them.

via Natural Comfort on Sale

I finally purchased the foam from a place in North Carolina called Natural Comfort on Sale.  I didn't have any problems buying the latex mattress {I really bought a 4" medium-firm mattress topper} from them - there are some foam companies out there that aren't very honest or easy to deal with so do your research.  I wanted to try it out on the sofa first to see how it sits, but it's extremely heavy and I know I won't be able to get it back in the plastic and the box myself to transport it, so I'm praying I like the final result {once latex is exposed to light/air it begins to break down and I bought it while I was on a long waiting list}.  Feeling it through the plastic reassured me that it should be okay.

I also had a very good interaction with a company in Arizona called the Arizona Premium Mattress Company but they didn't have the 4" cushion I needed.  They were great to deal with and answered my questions promptly and honestly while I was doing my research so they are another great resource if anyone is looking.

Dacron is typically used to wrap the cushions and give them a nicer shape.  I figured it didn't make sense to use that when I went to all the trouble to get a cushion with fewer chemicals.  I found a wool batting for intended for quilts at Fabric Corner {they are super nice} and got the twin size so it can be cut and sewn to make the cover.

via jeanine {notice the gross baby? stain and two toned upholstery}

To save money I'm having the sofa reupholstered at the state prison, the prices are so good they have an 8-10 month waiting list.  Word on the street is that they do a good job so I'm giving them a try. 

I'll take pictures of the sofa and share the result when it's finished, I'm very excited.  I'm using many different products and a different upholsterer than I have before so I'm excited to see how things turn out.  Now if only I could get these cane chairs done.  Perhaps getting the sofa in good shape will be motivation for some caning and sanding.
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