Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Secret Newsstand

Downtown Crossing is one of the few parts of Boston I only visit if I absolutely must.  Lately though, I have been attending a study class for the NCIDQ exam nearby and so I have done a bit of wandering around {okay, really it's fast walking but I sometimes look around}.  I found this cute little building hidden right behind the Old South Meeting House - the brick building on the left side.

I love the combination of colors with the mustard yellow and the red door, I don't think it's a color combination I've ever used but it works here.

{photo: jeanine}


  1. Didn't this place use to be the Littlest Bar? I'm pretty sure it was. I guess they didn't make enough money as a bar because they could fit so few people inside!

  2. Ooh, I never went there but I think it was around the other corner and looked really similar.

    The Littlest Bar moved and they tore down it's old block for luxury condos. I think it's not so little anymore.

  3. That's too bad! Love the credenza idea - what are you using the fabric for? I think the credenza would be fun painted. Is it for your house?

    Also, did you vote for our house in the Selby contest? Any chance you'd be willing to post about it to drive more votes? http://www.theselbycontest.com/entry/74306

  4. Posted!

    The fabric is for pillows and the credenza is for my sister's house. I'm helping her renovate her barn and hobbit house - slowly.

    Some day I have to find my own but it's a bit large for me. :)


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