Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greenish Home

This week I spent 36 hours straight knocked out sick, I didn't think that was supposed to happen in the summer.

While I was recovering, I clicked on a link on a site to another link which led me to Traditional Home, where I admit I don't go often.  They have a new showhouse on the site that is 'sustainable'.  I'm calling it greenish since it's a huge house and, while the individual elements of the home were selected to be low-VOC and have a low environmental impact, can a 4,000 sf., one-family house really be green?   The rooms are a modern sort of traditional and there were some great spaces.

Besides wanting to take down the screen between the kitchen and living room immediately {I couldn't find an explanation of this anywhere} so people could talk between the rooms, I love these spaces.

{photos: Traditional Home}

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