Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carpet Squares

It's no secret how much I love carpet squares.  I have them in my bedroom and a stack of them waiting for my next move, but I was looking online for the hours of a local Overstock-type store and I noticed they are on sale for $1.00 per 2'x2' square.  If anyone is looking for some floor tiles, though probably not Flor Tiles,  I have seen them many times at Ocean State Job Lot {the coupon is here}, it might take a bit of digging to get yourself a nice mix of tiles - I've seen some duds.  Also, if you are thinking of doing this and have never been to Ocean State Job Lot store, just prepare yourself, it can be an experience.  They don't call themselves the 'Home Of Adventure Shopping' for nothing.....

Now if anyone can tell me where I can find bamboo poles or other stakes to attach my tomatoes to this late in the summer, I'd LOVE to know!

{photo: Flor}

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  1. Hey Jeanine!

    Are you the Jeanine I went to Grad school in Boston with? like your blog!


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