Friday, July 30, 2010

Cambridge Public Library

Last month, on one of the really hot & humid days, I managed to remove myself from the air conditioning long enough to go on a Women in Design/BSA sponsored tour of the library.  I think was so hot my brain melted a little and so I forgot to post my photos.

The new wing is really pretty at night.

The new library combines the old historic library {from 1888}, which was restored and renovated, and a new modern wing.  I kind of love the old wing exterior with all it's secret details and little people all over.  The more you look the more you see.

For instance, if you squint while you look a little above and to the right of the arches, you will see this guy.  He's in charge of directing water from the gutter to the downspout.

The interior of the new wing was nice, but I think this part of the children's floor was my favorite.  The carpet with the carved wool rugs with rocks was a great piece.  If I was a kid, I don't think you would be able to drag me away from story hour.

{photos: #1 - archidose; #2 - EandJsFilmCrew; all others - jeanine}

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